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At Royal Parade Dental Clinic, we are passionate about your dental health and smile. Dr Gabriel Rodriguezhas completed advances studies and is now a specialist periodontist. Dr Gina Espinosa completed a 2 and a half year course in Orthodontics at Sydney Uni. In pursuit of her want of knowledge and passion she travelled regularly to Sydney and attend seminars in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Since that time she has been helping patients create a beautiful smile with fixed orthodontics. Gina can give advise and help parents minimise the need for their child to have orthodontic treatment later in life.

Our high level of patient service and care has remained a priority each and every day. We are here to provide Reservior, Preston, Coburg and Bundoora residents and those in surrounding suburbs with superior dental care.

With an excellent dental team and facilities, our head dentist Dr Gabriel Rodriguez and his team can provide dental solutions to all ages. We understand that everyone's dental needs are unique. We aim to provide you with a vibrant, healthy and confident smile.
All our Xray images are in digital format, viewed on a computer screen and thus requiring less than one third of the radiation doses administered when taking conventional X-ray film.

If you wish, our Digital Intraoral Camera will allow you to clearly observe your dental needs before treatment and upon completion of a procedure.


Dr Gabriel Rodriguez would love to help you with his wealth of expertise as a specialist periodontist and
Dr Gina Espinosa has a passion for creating beautiful smiles with her skills in orthodontics.

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Toothpaste and myths

Toothbrushing and mouthwash myths.
Ask us and facebook!

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Growing teenagers

We know your kids.
Because our committment is to continuity - great records, great memories, safe places. We know you wont settle for less!

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Fissure sealants

Why do dentists talk about SEALS? Oh, they aren't talking real seals!
We are talking about sealing up a gap in your back teeth so you don't get food stuck in and end up with a hole.

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Dr Gabriel Rodriguez BDSc
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Reservoir Family Dentistry | Bundoora Dentist with a long term committment to dental health. Children and adults dental health care with quality, and professional family orientation. We are members of our local community. - Family orientated

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